What you need to know

Google is rolling out integration of Wallet in mobile. The user experience has been designed to make exchanging money as easy as attaching a file, Google explains. To access the new feature, you tap the attachment icon (the paperclip), then choose either send or request money, depending on your needs. The entire process takes place in the Gmail app.

Why this is important

The goal, seemingly, is to take on quick payment apps like PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash, by offering a feature to move money right within Gmail’s app. Google is not alone trying to expand the functionality of a communications app to include money exchanges. Snapchat offers the ability for friends to pay others via Snapcash, Facebook has a similar feature through Messenger and, outside the U.S., messaging app WeChat is becoming a mobile payment giant. Messaging platforms, in some cases, also support third-party payment bots, like Messenger’s support for PayPal, Stripe, TransferWise and others.

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You can now send and request money in Gmail on Android