Bidco, a newly incorporated company jointly-owned and managed by Blackstone and CVC has reached an all-cash agreement to acquire online payments company Paysafe. The deal is expected to be completed in Q4 2017

Worldpay CEO, Philip Jansen, is to receive a £9.2m salary and bonus package in return for staying at the firm after its takeover by Vantiv

Investor Forum has held talks with Worldpay to voice its members’ dissatisfaction with the terms of Vantiv’s proposed £9bn takeover. City sources said that the Forum had intervened to voice its members’ dissatisfaction with the modest takeover premium that Vantiv is proposing to pay and the lack of a London-listing

Square has reported that gross payment volumes increased by 32% year-on-year to $16.4bn in Q2 2017, while total net revenue increased by 26% to $552m and losses fell by $11m to $16m over the same period. Square Capital loan volume increased by 68% year-on-year, with over 49,000 business loans totalling $318m granted

Royal Bank of Canada has updated its app to enable customers to ask Apple’s Siri assistant to pay their bills on iPhone and iPad. Another new feature lets customers send Interac payments within Apple’s iMessage

Skype has teamed up with PayPal to launch Send Money, a feature that allows people to transfer funds from within the Skype app during a conversation. The functionality is being rolled out to PayPal and Skype users in 22 countries

Google is planning to harvest UK consumers’ purchasing habits via loyalty card usage and then match the data with their browsing history to test how effective its online adverts are. A similar scheme in the US using credit and debit card data has become the subject of a nationwide legal battle with privacy groups. The scheme is due to be launched in the UK this year and is open to any retailer to enrol

Klarna has launched Wavy, a peer-to-peer payment app, which is available across 31 European markets. The app generates a link, which can be shared via social media channels or directly to another Wavy user

N26 has partnered with auxmoney, a loan marketplace based in Germany, to extend its loans service to students, freelancers and the self-employed, in addition to salaried applicants

PayPal has invested in Cloud IQ, a British tech start-up that uses AI to show customers personalised advertisements. The payments firm was among those that invested £4m into the start-up, which is based in London and is used by companies such as EE and Samsung.